Gilded Painting : Les Demoiselles D ' Avignon Essay

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In 1907, an oil painting named Les demoiselles d 'avignon was painted by Pablo Picasso, a young Spanish artist. “Les demoiselles d 'avignon was not Picasso’s title but was given to the painting years later by a friend of his. It translates as “ the young women of Avignon” and refers to the prostitutes of Avignon Street, a notorious district of Barcelona, Picasso’s hometown.”(Mark Getlein, Living with Art, 83) The painting shows a composition of five naked women figures on the ground, surround by white and brown sheets drop from the top. In the center bottom part, items such as grapes are placed.Each figure express a pose but all painted in similar pink skin colors. Picasso changed an idea of the painting while in the making process.“ In early sketches for the painting, Picasso included a sailor entering at left to purchase a prostitute’s services, but as the composition evolved, the sailor was eliminated.”( Mark Getlein, Living with Art, 83) With this painting, Picasso breaks the traditions of Western art and the influences lasts even in the next several years. As an example of cubism, the artist used an application of expressive figures, flattened space, and geometric shapes to capture an abstraction form of the object in space.
Controversies were raised between historians and scholars about Les demoiselles d 'avignon, whether is it an example of cubism or belongs to a style of Expressionism. In a comparison, both two styles are similar in same way, however, differently…

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