Ghalib And Sonnets Analysis

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Ghalib was the great poet of urdu literature on one hand and Shakepeare was the famous dramatist and great poet of English literature and there were many similarities found between Ghalib and Shakespeare. Ghalib lost his loved, Dilli, sponsorship and all that he valued. These events failed to bend his unconquerable spirit and helped form his spiritual vision and his -, his unconquerable Ghazals reflect that spiritual vision. Shakespeare undergone similar experiences but he chose a broadly different form. Ghalib and Shakespeare both questioned about human reality.
Shakespeare wrote sonnets.The word “sonnet comes from the Italian word’sonneto meaning a little sound or strain.sonnet is a poem expressing one main idea or emotion consisting
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The similarity is between ghazals and sonnet is historical andthe birth of sonnets and Ghazal can be traced back to the reign of Fredrick II of Sicily. sonnet is derived from the Provençal word ‘sonnet’ and the Italian word ‘sonetto’, both meaning little song. The sonnets comes from troubadours. An extensive courtly poetry of troubadours already existed, known to Lentino and his circle of the courtly poets of southern France. The main themes of this poetry is chivalry and courtly love. Troubadours composed poetry of sensual love between elite and nobly disposed lovers, often from a man view point, with the woman place elite social position. The most famous were the songs addressed by the singer to a married lover. The sonnets derived basic belief from troubadour poetry.After the death of Fredrick II, the generation of the “cultured notaries” (who invented sonnet) came to an end and the major areas including Arabia, which Fredrick dominated, soon desired to be independent. Many troubadours traveledfrom one place to another and, helping in the transfer of literature from one region to another. By the thirteenth century, the word ‘Sonnet’ had come to represent a poem of fourteen lines following a strict rhyme scheme and logical

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