Gettysburg : The Battle Of Gettysburg Essay

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On Wednesday July 1, 1863 two divisions of Confederates made their way towards Gettysburg. The first division was spotted by Union cavalry commander General Buford. Buford sent his men and called for reinforcements immediately. A Union officer saw the Confederate infantry marching toward them amongst the early morning mist. “He rested a carbine on a fence rail and fired. It was the first shot in what became the largest battle in the history of the western hemisphere.” The Confederate troops reacted and the ordered for attack on the Union cavalry line in force. Such, began the Battle of Gettysburg. “The course of the Battle of Gettysburg was, in many ways, determined by the terrain and the outcome of the first day’s fighting.”

Late in the day on July 1, 1863, Lee gave vague orders to his commander, Jubal Early, to take Cemetery Hill “if practicable.” Early decided against the attack which resulted in the Union forces holding the high ground. A strategic point for both troops, the place where both troops wanted and needed to be standing. “Overnight and into the next morning, Longstreet strongly urged Lee to withdraw and find a better position, and thus force Meade to attack them. Lee refused. He had the largest army in Confederate history,... and he felt that it might be the South’s last great opportunity to win the war.” The first day of the Battle of Gettysburg took place at McPherson’s Ridge, Oak Hill, Oak Ridge, Seminary Ridge, Barlow’s Knoll, and in and…

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