Essay about Getting Your Shoes On Your Closet Floor

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If your shoes are a jumble on your closet floor, you routinely discover pairs you had forgotten you owned or it’s so hard to find that cute pair of pink heels you want to wear you end up buying another, it’s time to get your shoes in order. Having your shoes properly organized and stored not only makes it far easier to see what you own and find what you want, it also keeps your shoes undamaged, clean and needing less space.

Whether you own two pairs of shoes or two hundred, your first step should be to look them over and decide if you truly should keep them all. Discard or donate any shoes that:
• Are worn out
• Are damaged and cannot be repaired
• Have stains that you cannot remove
• Are uncomfortable
• Haven’t been worn in a year or more
• Are out of style
• Don’t fit both feet properly
• Were purchased to match one specific outfit you no longer own
• No longer suit your lifestyle
Once you have only shoes that you wear regularly, love and are comfortable in, it’s time to go from jumbled to organized.

Do You Have Room for a Cabinet?
If you have lots of shoes, and have the space for a cabinet to keep them in, a beautifully styled wooden cabinet not only keeps your shoes organized and clean, it also adds to the décor of your bedroom and gives you a wonderfully extravagant feeling each time you open the doors to fetch your favorite pair of heels. The Craftsman 60 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet has double doors, making it easy to access your cute sandals when you want them. The…

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