Getting Kids Learn Through Play By David Kohn Essay

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Starting school is important time for the young children, their families, and teachers. Every parent is proud of their children at this time when they are starting school and they are looking forward for their child’s success in school and rest of their lives. Preschool and Kindergarten are supposed to be getting kids ready for school. In his op-ed “Let Kids Learn through Play,” David Kohn compares how kids in twenty years ago used to learn in school and today’s kids. Twenty years ago, preschooler, kindergarten, first grade and second grade students spent most of their time playing such as building block, drawing, and creating nonexistent world. Nowadays, these activities were abandoned and teachers are more focused on the higher education like science, reading and math. Kohn says the idea behind this change was sooner they start formal learning the more they will learn. In his interview with Nancy Carlsson-Paige, a professor emerita of education at Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass, defines this trend as a “profound misunderstanding of how children learn.” When she visits schools she finds out that younger students are struggling to understand the basic instructions. It is heart “breaking”, she says. He compares American students to Finland and Estonia and he finds out that other two countries have ranked higher scores on international student assessment.
He talks about other scientist and professors who did some research about early learning education and their…

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