Essay on Germany West Of The Oder Neisse Line

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After the Second World War, the Allied leaders discussed at great length about how best to deal with Germany. Having experienced great losses as a result of German invasions, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin preferred that Germany be divided so that it could not rise to threaten European peace again. At the Tehran Conference in 1943, Roosevelt and Stalin agreed that after the war Germany would be occupied jointly, with each Allied power taking responsibility for one section, under the assumption that Germany would eventually be reunified. Finally, they also concluded that they would demand reparations from Germany and a meeting later in 1945 between Stalin and Truman held at Potsdam confirmed and ratified these arrangements. Germany west of the Oder-Neisse line was divided into four occupation zones and the four allies, the United States; Great Britain; the Soviet Union; and France, took charge of a sector of the country and capital. Despite these divisions, the country was supposed to be treated as a single economic unit by the Allied Control Council, and an Allied governing council was likewise supposed to manage affairs in Berlin. Although political and military tension between America and the Soviet Union had begun developing before 1945, the allied occupation of Germany and subsequent conflicts, primarily the Berlin Blockade, greatly increased America‚Äôs desire in the late 20th century to contain communist power and also escalated developing Cold War tensions between America…

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