Germany : A Political Superpower Of The United East Germany Essay example

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Germany has had a diverse political history, from a country separated after World War II, to a political superpower of today with one of the elite militaries in the world. Germany has been the quintessential example of a country that has gone through incredible strife and has reunified to become a world power for others to emulate.
Not long ago, Germany was a country going from two separate countries and unifying into one. In October 1990, East and West Germany unified after 40 years of Cold War separation. This unification process incorporated the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) into the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). Rather than using a mix of the two states systems, the newly unified country largely represented a continuation of the West Germany economic and political systems. The area of the former East Germany accounts for nearly thirty-three percent of Germany’s land and twenty percent of its populace. Sixteen states make up today’s Germany with a population of over 81 million people.
Germany’s Federal Armed Forces, known as the Bundeswehr, was created in the summer of 1955. This marked ten years since the Nazi surrender at the end of World War II. The German government voted to allow the recruitment of a volunteer military force and later that same year, about 100 Noncommissioned Officers and Officers were sworn into the new German Army. January 1956 started with the first basic training cycle for the Bundeswehr, with 1500 volunteers reporting.…

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