George Patton Management Styly Essay

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I have chosen to do my paper on General George S. Patton. Patton was a famous General for the American Army during World War II. He was a hard-nosed, no nonsense leader. Patton was hard on his troops. With this being said, his troops respected him, and were willing to follow him to hell and back. Patton never asked his troops to do something that he would not do himself. His ability to be demanding of his troops and command their respect at the same time are a few reason why I respect Patton. I will go into leadership traits that Patton himself believed a leader should possess.
Patton's fourteen written leadership traits are Bearing, courage, decisiveness, dependability, endurance, enthusiasm, initiative, integrity, judgment,
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Emotional endurance is important in the business world. Employees don’t want to see their leader being run down. People have to deal with things outside of work. Their ability to deal with both personal and work issues, and keep on succeeding is very important.
A leader must be enthusiastic if they expect their company’s employees to be enthusiastic for the task at hand. Enthusiasm is contagious, but so is negativity. It is important to remain enthusiastic about your work.
Initiative is very important. Leaders should not wait around for someone to tell them what and how to do it. Initiative not only works to solve a current problem, but can also prevent it from worsening.
Integrity plays a major role in the success of a leader. Leaders must set an example for the rest of the employees to follow. When you see companies in the news for fraud or scandalous behavior, it is because of a lack of integrity.
Judgment is key for decision-makers. One can cost a company money, its future, and cause countless harm with poor judgment. If your judgment rests on the value of your company’s mission and the care of your employees, then most of your decisions will be good ones.
Leaders must have a strong sense of justice. Without it, one cannot effectively lead. A leader’s character must be impeccable. Employees must trust that if they are wronged, they will be heard and justice will be served.
Knowledge is extremely important for a leader. It is one of the

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