George Orwell 's Dystopian Themed Novel, 1984 Essay

1070 Words May 11th, 2015 5 Pages
George Orwell’s dystopian themed novel, 1984, tells of a world far worse than the one we inhabit. The book tells of Winston Smith as he wrestles oppression from the Big Brother trying to survive in Oceania. Oceania is depicted as a place in which human actions are greatly scrutinized. In rebellion, Winston dares to express his thoughts in a diary. Despite the year gaps, 1984’s social issues such as government surveillance are evident in today’s society. The parallels are undeniable. We live in a world in a world where it’s comical to say you are alone and where privacy cannot be purchased with a set of drapes. Government surveillance has resulted in loss of privacy, loss of individualism, and conformity, evident throughout 1984 and today’s society.
Unquestionably, modern technology is largely centered on some form of regime surveillance contributing to loss of privacy, similar to the use of telescreens in 1954. A social media platform such as Facebook has become a “breeding ground for surveillance”; in return for digital social interaction, users have to submit their personal data to the company (McCullagh). Most social media users are aware that the National Security Agency can easily access to not only Facebook pages and but also google searches. Phone companies have also remained discreet, denying any affiliation with the National Security Agency. May 2006, CNET interviewed AT&T in hopes of bringing to light the violation of privacy of many of AT&T customers. After a…

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