Essay about George Orwell 's Contemporary Political Philosophy3

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A second objection to Nozicks theory comes from Will Kymlicka, in his book Contemporary Political Philosophy3. He discusses Nozicks example of Wilt Chamberlain, a famous basketballer. The example is put forward that every time people come to see him play, they donate an extra 25 cents which goes directly to Wilt Chamberlain. At the end of the season, if one million people have attended his home games, he could end up with $250,000 extra income. Nozick believes that is entirely peoples choice as to how they choose to redistribute their wealth. Will Kymlicka does not agree with this as he argues that “it is unfair for the naturally disadvantaged to starve just because they have nothing to offer others...” 4 and Nozick ignores our intuition that we must confront undeserved inequalities. Wilts additional income over the season creates a vast inequality with say a handicapped person who does not have the same earning power as Wilt. This highlights that Nozicks priority over property rights is too absolute once again, as he prioritizes a individuals rights over their income over all other possible redistriubtions. Nozicks ideals appeal to one part of our intuition, but ignore others5. That while our intuition may tell us that it is an individuals right to make their own choices entirely about what happens to their income, our intuition also tells us that if there is excessive wealth, than redistribution to help the needy and those with less earning power would be of benefit to…

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