George Orwell 's ' 1984 ' Essays

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History has a tendency of repeating itself. Citizens of a country should become aware of what may happen to society if the wrong history were to repeat. Many works of literature work towards progressing society and making the human life a better place, George Orwell attempted just that. Orwell’s 1984 is a satire on totalitarian governments of the East in order to warn the West of its consequences. 1984 is a novel set in a dystopian society, well, dystopian only to non-socialist nations. Socialist ideals are represented in full color in Orwell’s novel, deliberately of course. The novel, having been written in 1949, came at a time where the world was still on edge from damage done by Nazi Germany and company. In the article Nazi Germany, Nazi Germany was “Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or Nazi Party.” A one party system is vehemently displayed in 1984, Ingsoc. Ingsoc idolizes one powerful figure, Big Brother, and one powerful phrase “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” (Orwell 4). Big brother is similar to the Fuehrer of the Nazi Party, in other words Adolf Hitler, the only Fuehrer of Nazi Germany. The Fuehrer has complete control of his nation and of his subjects. Hitler “promoted German pride, anti-Semitism, and expressed dissatisfaction with the terms of the Versailles Treaty” (Nazi Germany). Similarly, Big Brother promoted the rise of hate to one specific person, Emmanuel Goldstein.…

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