Gentrification Effects On Inner City Communities Essay examples

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Gentrification has been a big topic throughout the years. Gentrification is when the high and middle class population come into a poor neighborhoods and reclaim them. During this process an abundance of homes are rebuilt and the poorer class are being replace. Gentrification has extremely negative effects on inner city communities that are generally populated by African Americans. These communities suffer from the effects of gentrification for years by losing their homes and businesses to a higher class of people. Many areas that have and are being gentrified are African American communities because of the poverty most people of color live in. When a neighborhood has abandoned buildings or old factories, landlords come in and turn them into expensive house and lofts. In effect the value of the neighborhood increases forcing these community members out. Not only are the members of the communities losing their homes, but they are losing the culture that they built as a community. The communities become profit driven instead of culture driven. In the end, the small family owned business that help create the communities tend not to meet the satisfaction. Gentrification has a negative effect on African Americans because it breaks up their communities.
Gentrification has played a role in cities all over the United States of America. Gentrification is known to be the change in an area by the higher class. When most people that are looking at a new area that has been just gentrified…

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