Genetically Modified Organisms Products Or Gmos Essay example

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When you want to know how many calories, or how much sodium or fat is in your bag of corn chips, you can look at the label. Simple as that. If you want to know if those chips are genetically modified though, that is a different story. So much of the world already labels their genetically modified organism products or GMOs, but the United States is lagging behind. GMOs are “the result of a laboratory process where genes are taken from one species and inserted into another in an attempt to obtain a desired trait or characteristic” (Down to earth). GMOs have both attractive and unattractive aspects to them. They have the potential to feed the world with their promise of better nutrition, richer taste, and resistance to insects and other pests. However, unknown health effects and high risk of environmental damage cause many to wonder if GMOs truly are safe. Personally, I feel that it is too soon to tell if continuing to produce GMOs as a main part of the global food supply is worth the risk. I do, however, feel that people should be given the choice to consume GMO products or not through the use of labeling. GMOs are incredibly promising. Who would not want more nutrients, better taste, and higher yields? Unfortunately, people rarely consider the effects that these new “improvements” can have on human health. GMOs have only been used for two decades so there is much uncertainty of what the long term health effects are. In the documentary King Corn, friends Ian…

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