Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmos ) Essay

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As of 2000, 37 percent of Earth’s total land area is devoted to agriculture (Unit 7). As people of Earth we consume more than 11 million pounds of food every minute or about 5.8 trillion pounds every year (Thomson, 2014). Agriculture and food production are a huge part of the global economy and influence countless aspects of our lives. So, it is imperative that the farming methods we chose to implement are the very best possible. Some believe that organic practices are the best way to provide quality food to eat for the entire world. Others think that genetically modifying our agricultural practices will benefit the most people by allowing farmers to be able to produce more crops with the same amount or even less space. The fact is, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are in almost everything we consume and benefit our society as a whole by providing more food, using less energy, and less space in the process. Genetic modification has been practiced for thousands of years. It used to be better known as selective breeding. This is when humans select individuals from a population with desirable traits to breed or reproduce in order to create a new generation of better adapted organisms. Today, genetically modified organisms made in a lab are not too dissimilar. Rather than breeding, “… specific genes [are] identified, isolated, copied, and introduced into other organisms” (Jones, 2016, p.581). This method of crop modification has worked so well that almost 85 percent of…

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