Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmo ) Essay

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Modern biotechnology is truly astonishing; the technology has extended our carrying capacity far beyond our limits by eliminating devastating diseases, provided life saving pharmaceuticals, as well as solutions for agriculture sustainability for a population expecting to reach 9.5 billion individuals by 2050. Agriculture sustainability is a global concern, which affects each organism on this planet. Hence, as an advanced society we must invest on our current technologies to provide food security for the overwhelming number of people expected without exhausting our agricultural land and disturbing our ecological system.
Biotechnology has provided a customized solution for agriculture sustainability, genetically modified organisms (GMO). Genetic engineering techniques allow plants to take on new biological and physical traits as well as control over traits than former methods such as selective and mutational breeding. The concept is similar to vaccine biotechnology; novel vaccines such as small pox derived from inoculating humans with a tissue sample from a cow infected with cox pox, a completely different organism from humans, but generated an extravagant immune response against small pox. Currently small pox is eradicated, so why wouldn’t we use genetically modified organisms in our agriculture if the solution leads to a possibility to eliminate plant and human disease, hunger, and resistant to drought from weather changes. Although, big corporations such as Monsanto’s…

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