Essay Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmo )

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Many people become very alarmed when they hear about genetically modified organism (GMO). People have an idea that GMO’s are harmful. However, with extensive exploration and research I will provide otherwise. It is obvious that the United States government approves the use of genetically engineered foods. Those engineered foods are considered to have the exact amount of nutritious value as other conventional foods; in addition to that GMO foods also reduce the use of herbicides and pesticides that may be very harmful to the environment.

For the most part, GMOs are genetically engineered and improved plants that are modified for human and animal consumption. In order to modify those crops, scientists amalgamate the DNA of different organisms using the latest molecular biological techniques to create an altered organism. GMOs are produced mostly to sustain the life of fruits and vegetables when it’s not their season. The United States is more lenient about GMOs than other countries. The FDA approved GMOs in 1982, but GMO’s weren’t introduced to the market until 1994. At first when GMOs were introduced to the market, the United States government was very skeptical about whether those genetically modified foods were safe and edible. This is when they started thinking about making laws regarding biotechnology. The conclusions that came up at the end were that GMOs aren’t bad! They came to this conclusion because the DNA found in genetically engineered foods are exactly the same…

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