Essay on Genetically Modified Organisms : Are Harmful Or Helpful

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Genetically Modified Organism: Are GMOs harmful or helpful
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, around 84 percent of corn currently grown in the United States is non gmo corn, while 89 percent is genetically engineered for herbicide tolerance (Aldridge). Most American farmers prefer their crops to be genetically modified or engineered for herbicide tolerance because they would be using less energy by not spraying harmful chemicals into the air that kill off beneficial insects. There are three simple arguments to why GMO’s are helpful to our rapidly growing society: Farmers yields are better, they helps farmers use less energy and chemicals, and they are USDA approved.
Farmers yields are better
The world is growing at a rapid rate and the U.S needs new ways to feed the population. China has one of the largest populations and has decided to switch to genetically modified food. In China their yields were estimated to grow 10% when compared to when they grew non- genetically modified crops and they used 80% less pesticide chemicals, which helps their environment (Genetically Modified Food). The world is experiencing hunger; according to hunger statistics, every one in nine people do not have enough food to live healthy lives. When using GMO’s, food can grow in many places and help diminish world hunger (Genetically Modified Food). Genetically modified crops can survive rough weather conditions that humans can not control. Genetically modified crops are made of a…

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