Genetically Modified Organisms And The Future Of Agriculture Essay

1062 Words Nov 7th, 2016 5 Pages
Despite significant misconception, farming practice has been genetically modifying plants and animals over the course of human history. This process is similar to the current genetic modification of organisms through the medium of modern science. However, despite the only difference being the efficacy of its solutions, it is generally painted as a monster and a major proponent against good health by those such as Mary Odum, author of "Arguments against GMOs." As a result of lacking public knowledge, many seek to paint GMOs in infamy due to fear and often misconstrue and deny true scientific research. This is frequently skewed in public view and opinion, as genetically modified foods are the future of agriculture. Although this is seemingly reputed by many, the related health effects, decrease in use of pesticides, and sustainability of these products are all positive measures that create the best possibility for practical future use.
Perhaps the most pertinent and concernable topic would be that of the health effects that could result from consumption of genetically modified organisms. In this respect the author cites a variety of non-scientific studies, that state that they correlate strongly to how genetic material, when consumed, can cause a great deal of genetic disorders in children and bring rise to a variety of other diseases. However, as stated by author Steven Novella, the digestive system in humans easily handles genetic information that it’s digesting; it quickly…

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