Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Effects On The World Essay

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Different foods take a different amount of time to grow. Some may take months, and some may take years to develop, but they all eventually produce the needed resources. When Gregor Mendel discovered genes, a world of possible uses appeared. Breeders learned that selecting certain traits from the ‘parents’ would produce a more appealing meal item. Scientists could also inject the certain genes into the subject to create the better food, whether it be plant or animal. These small changes in the genome would make plants juicier, plumper, or better tasting; meats would be more succulent and better in quality. These new and improved foods are called ‘genetically modified organisms’, or GMOs. There are a plethora of experiments that have taken place to test out the genetically boosted foods. The development of this technology has many contradicting opinions on the usefulness and safety of the enhanced foods. Some people say that GMOs taste better, and they can solve world hunger. Others say that GMOs are dangerous and will not help the world in any way. GMOs may taste better, but that does not necessarily mean they are better. Genetically modified foods hurt the environment, can not solve world hunger, are not proven to be safe, and are harmful to the consumers of the product.
Genetically modified foods (otherwise known as GMOs) are very dangerous to the environment. One way GMOs harm the environment is because their chemically different makeup can spread to other organic…

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