Essay on Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Effects On People

1940 Words Jan 19th, 2016 8 Pages
Genetically modified organisms or otherwise called GMO’s are the result of splicing the genes from one species into the DNA of another (Smith 2003). This could pose large consequences for the health and the environment due to the unknown effects associated with it. With the use of GMO’s in world famine it has shown that it can be beneficial but determining the long term effects on people are still varied. Many companies in favor of GMO’s have denied scientific evidence of the possible health dangers that could result from their use (Smith 2003). This has then led to many consumers being denied access to critical information about GMO’s and basing their information on what the government wants to accept as truth. In 1973 a large breakthrough in GMO technology was seen when Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen engineered the first genetically engineered organism (Rangel 2015). The process entailed the scientists to take the genes of the one organism and place it into the other. The result of the experiment would cause the recipient organism to have an antibiotic resistance the same as the organism which the genes where originally taken from. Then in 1975 the experiment was heavily debated upon that further experiments should include some form of guidelines to ensure safety and regulate any potential risks of the tests. This was now the start of what is called the new era of modern genetic modification. In 1980’s the United States Supreme Court then ruled that the scientists…

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