Genetically Modified Foods : The Production Of Agriculture Evolves

1098 Words Feb 18th, 2016 null Page
As the production of agriculture evolves, so does the research on genetically engineered foods, which large corporations fund and create. A prominent example of an enterprise that supports and emanates considerable funds towards genetically modified foods, is Monsanto. Monsanto is a viable agriculture company that owns and sells genetically engineered seeds. Monsanto uses their funds towards biotechnology, the abuse of biological processes, for industrial use like genetic engineering. In this process, genetic engineers are able to produce seeds that Monsanto sells to farmers. The farmers then use the seeds to grow the company’s genetically engineered experiments. The seeds grow into genetically modified foods that are put into the market, unlabeled, for consumers. Genetically modified foods (GMFs) are foods that have been genetically altered. Some examples of genetic engineered foods are; corn, soy, canola oil, and milk, among others. The process of genetic engineering foods is unlike natural recombination or mating. Instead, genetic engineers inject a virus or bacteria into the DNA of seeds or plants which, allows them to receive certain genes that repel pest and weeds. However, it has been proven that these pest and weed resistant plants can have negative effects. Being a responsible technological citizen is using technology ethically, considering both society’s moral principles as well as their own when using technology. The scientist that produce GMFs don’t acknowledge…

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