Genetically Modified Foods And Its Impact On The Human Race Essay

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A genetically modified food is a food product containing some quantity of any genetically modified organism as an ingredient. (Wikipedia) Plants, animals and microorganisms can all be genetically modified and have their protein structure altered in order to possess more desired characteristics that usually benefit the human race. Generally modified foods have a number of advantages such as feeding the entire world whose population is likely to double in the next 50 years. With all advantages comes disadvantages, such as the ethical concerns of people who believe it is wrong to “play god” even if it is beneficial to the human race. Producing and selling genetically modified foods comes with a set code of rules and guidelines specific to each state. Although only a small amount is produced genetically modified foods must be safe and suitable and must comply with fair-trading and trade practices laws. Permission must be granted followed by a safety assessment and all genetically modified foods must be appropriately labeled. This essay will explain the biological background and pros and cons of the issue to investigate the question “Should genetically modified foods be produced?”
Genetically modified food entails taking DNA from one organism and incorporating it into another. This process works successfully due to the universal code of amino acids and the fact that almost all species recognize the same order of DNA sequences as the same amino acids. This results in a…

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