Genetically Modified Food : Herbicide And Pesticide Use Essays

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For hundreds of years, farmers have been observing their crops through generations and utilizing the benefits of selective breeding to achieve desired results. Historically, this was done by simply choosing which organisms are allowed to reproduce, but recent developments in food science have produced Genetically Modified Organisms. Some find the process of physically rearranging genes to be frightening and unacceptable, while others fully embrace GMOs as the natural next step in future technology. The GMO debate is widely participated in, from laboratories to universities to government to the average home. During a classroom debate in Biology, I was assigned to the pro-GMO team. In actuality, I do not have a strong opinion in either direction. Genetically modified organisms have the potential to be extremely valuable, but in this stage of development there are many reasonable doubts and drawbacks.
One pertinent disputation surrounding the use of genetically modified food is herbicide and pesticide use. Many people state that GM food causes an unhealthy and alarming resistance to chemicals in weeds. Living History Farm uses USDA studies from 2009 to make their claim that the increase in pesticide use is due to new weeds with characteristics of GM crops (Ganzel, 2009). There are claims that the disease-resistant qualities which eliminate the use of pesticides are actually doing more harm. However, according to Genetic Literacy Project, a resistance to pesticides has been…

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