Essay on Genetic Modification Is A Growing Possibility

1096 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
Genetic modification is a growing possibility. With genetic modification, parents could choose anything they want their child to have, the possibilities ranging from hair color to intellect. There are several reasons that genetic modification is wrong, however; for example, parents should love their children no matter what. The only reasons genetic modification should be accepted is to rid of diseases and disorders in a child’s genes. Genetic modification may seem like a swell process for parents that want a perfect child, but it is wrong and unfair to the child unless it is to possibly save his or her life.
Some people may argue that the genetic modification of human beings should be allowed for a variety of reasons. Genetically modifying a zygote’s or embryo’s DNA may possibly reduce the risk of the child growing up with a dangerous or even fatal genetic disorder his or her parents may have had the gene(s) for. Others may argue that a child’s parents deserve the right to decide exactly what they want their child to be like. For example, some parents may want their child to be more athletic rather than academic, and vice versa. A child’s genes will never be 100% predictable when he or she is conceived naturally, so there is a high likelihood that there will be physical differences in his or her looks when compared to the parents. The parents might want the child to look like them by having the same eye color, hair color, face shape, or even body shape. Although modifying a…

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