Essay on Genetic Engineering : Humans?

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Genetic engineering in humans
Imagine if you were to see a young, newlywed couple sitting down on their sofa and flicking through a catalogue, browsing at the variety of different options available, and daydreaming about all these different options that could potentially be a part of their future. Is this catalogue for houses? Or the latest and greatest furniture? No, this catalogue contains all the traits possibly available, phenotype and genotype that this couple wants their baby to have. This includes the gender, physical appearance, personality traits and talents that they want their baby to have. This catalogue is basically a way for parents to design their own babies by picking and choosing the traits that they want the baby to have and not have. Imagining this doesn’t seem realistic in this day and age, but this is what our world is heading towards due to enhancements in scientific knowledge, technology, equipment and experimentation. This enables these scientists to undergo the delicate process used to enhance the characteristics of the individual. This process is known as genetic engineering. The aim of genetic engineering is to add new genes that have not been found in the individual. In order to do this, scientists need to alter an existing gene in an organism 's genome to make it express at a higher level. The genome is the full set of DNA, including all of the genes that the organism originally has. Each genome contains genetic information needed in order to…

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