Genetic Engineering : Genetically Engineering Essay

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Genetically engineering Babies
Genetically engineering our children could potentially be a popular thing of the future. As this theory develops there are two different opinions on this situation. There are scientist who are completely for genetic engineering and there are scientist completely against it. So far this is still in testing but it very well could be a normal concept right around the corner.

Genetically engineering means that they modify or change genes in a zygote (fertilized egg). This could mean the changing in man as we know it. These changes can include everything from the eye color of a baby, sex of a baby and even what diseases the child could potentially get. The testing is done by attacking the nuclear genome that contains DNA. This way they can modify the zygote the way they want. There was one successful documentation of genetically engineering. According to Genetic Engineering"Nothing is too wonderful to be true." by Michael Faraday, There was a case in which genetically modification were made to a zygote and was successful. There was a mother whose eggs had problems, so they used a donor and added the mothers and fathers DNA. The child was apparently healthy. This case is just a start of what they actually want to do in the future. In a recent survey called the “Pew Research survey” says that 46% of people are supporting the idea of genetically engineering babies. On the other hand of this 83% of people say that genetically engineering should not…

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