Genetic Engineering As A Process Essay

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The FDA defines genetic engineering as a process in which recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology is used to introduce desirable traits into organisms. A genetically engineered (GE) animal is one that contains a recombinant DNA (rDNA) construct producing a new trait.
Genetic Engineering was first realized in agriculture. According to various sources genetic engineering first occurred during the domestication of plants and animals through artificial selection. The dog was the first animal around 12,000 BC substantiated by a fossil recovered at that time. Plant domestication first occurred around 10,000 BC. Wheat was found in pre-Pottery Neolithic in villages in Southeast Asia. Farmers would shape organisms to suit their needs through selective breeding. X-rays were first used to deliberately mutated plants in 1927, from that point more than 2,000 genetically mutated plant varieties have been produced. At this point in the concept of genetic engineering it seems like this was a great advancement in the way we advanced our food resourses.
Wikipedia’s article on the History of Genetic Engineering states there are quite a few genetic discoveries that have been made and played a vital role in the advancement of genetic engineering. From Gregor Mendel’s discovery of genetic inheritance in 1865 by crossing peas to Frederick Griffith proving the existence of a transforming principle involved in inheritance in 1928 . This principle would later be recognized as DNA. After that the…

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