Genetic Engineering And The Human Race Essay example

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Variations in populations and evolutionary advantages have always ensured the survival and diversity of a species. That being the case, species need those variations and advantages to continue developing. The genetic similarity that engineering would bring would lead to an uninteresting society populated by people with little uniqueness left to them. More frighteningly, it could even lead to the extinction of the human race. Without looking at the potentially catastrophic outcomes, some cite that genetic engineering is a necessity to cure the human race of genetic ailments and diseases that have plagued us for centuries. They say this is best done by removing life threatening conditions at a germ line level so that they are never passed on. When in fact, technology to cure and prevent thousands of diseases has already been widely available without requiring editing an embryo. Installing these cures at a germline level could have unprecedented effects. These could include losing inherited resistances to diseases from their parents. After many generations of humans have had these procedures, a new virus or bacteria could expose the flaws in the technology and kill off millions of people before a solution can be concocted, potentially ending in the “extinction of humans” altogether (“Advantages and Disadvantages”) . Saving lives has never been neglected, so altering these people at a germline level is a superfluous procedure. Along with the resistances to diseases that humans…

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