Genetic Diversity Essay

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Before we begin to discuss the issues related to genetic diversity, we have to know exactly what genetic diversity is all about. It is a " term used to describe genetic differences among members of a population", according to Concepts in Biology 12th Edition written by Eldon Enger. There are several topics we can discuss when speaking about genetic diversity such as mutation, sexual reproduction, migration and population size. Let's start with Mutation. Mutation brought recent information into a population by transformaing alleles that already exist. Sometimes you will find that a mutation will introduce a new allele into the gene pool of a species. Many other times, a mutation can also introduce an allele that was not present …show more content…
Unlike migration, which is an important way for alleles to be added to or eliminated from a local population. Migration is the movement from one population to another. Whenever an organism moves from one population and joins another, it takes away its genetic report from the population it left and the information is added to the population it joins. It is consist of infrequent alleles, it may significantly affect the alllele frequency of both populations. The extent of the migration does not need to be large, so as long as alleles are entering or leaving a population, the gene pool will change. The dog in our example inhabited a country in the south. Some of these dogs migrated, to a country in the north where the humans were not familiar with. But, we have population size that has plenty to do with how efficient any mechanism is at creating diversity within a gene pool. Population size can create alot of diversity within a gene pool. According to Eldon Enger in Concepts in Biology 12th Edition, " the smaller the population the less genetic diversity it can contain. For that reason, migrations, mutations and accidental death can have a great effect on the genetic makeup of a small population". For example if a city has a population of 40 people and 4 have red hair and the rest have black hair, what happens to those 4 red hair people is more critical than if the town has 40,000

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