Genetic Discrimination At The Workplace Essay

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Genetic Discrimination in the Workplace “We now have discrimination down to a science,” (Niccol, 1997). When employers select applicants they are looking for employees that are hard working and in good health. The employers may use various tools for their selection process including medical exams. The medical exams will provide the employer with private health information regarding the prospective employee. If the employer acts upon the information received from the medical exams did they violate the privacy of prospective employee? Workplace discrimination occurs when capable employees are treated differently based on age, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion or genetics. According to Nobel Memorial Prize Winner Gary Stanley Becker, “A literature has developed on whether discrimination in the marketplace due to prejudice disappears in the long run. Whether employers who do not want to discriminate will eventually compete away all discriminating employers depends not only on the distribution of tastes for discrimination among potential employers, but critically also on the nature of firm production functions.” An analysis of the literature and case law reveals that concerns over employee’s privacy outweigh the any benefits received by employers regarding employment decisions.
History of Genetic Discrimination During the 1960s and 1970s, employers became more concerned with increased medical costs and absenteeism. Employers looked for economical ways to decrease these…

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