Essay on General Senses Of Humans, Senses, And Taste

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1. Research the problem There has been an ongoing debate about general senses to discover whether animals’ or humans’ senses are keener or unique from others.

2. State the problem
The main question is that qre humans’ senses sharper than animalistic organisms or does animalistic organisms’ sense have higher advantages?

3. State your hypothesis

My hypothesis for this research is that dogs’ senses are much keener than humans’ senses, more specifically sight, smell, and taste. In addition, the dog subject will react accordingly to the stimuli quicker than human subject’s reactions.

4. Conduct an experiment to test your hypothesis. Collect data and analyze the results of your experiment

I selected three general senses including Sight, Smell, and Taste.

The first stimulus that was conducted is Sight. I decided to use dark basement with light source from outside through the window. Although, it was past sunset and you can barely see the shadow. For the human subject, I used hand numbers and she have to respond accordingly. She maintained to get 4 out of 10 corrects. For dog subject, I used basic signed commands such as Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Stand, and Speak. She maintained to get 7 out of 10 corrects.

The second stimulus was related to Smell. I decided to use nail polish and nail polish acetone to get proper timed reaction. The human subject’s eyes were closed and as she sniffed the substances, it took her approximately 11 seconds to respond. On…

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