General Model Of Enterprise Change Management Framework Essays

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Now the market with fierce competition every day, more and more people, especially the establishment leaders or the company owner realized that only change to survive in this highly -level competitive market, does not change is doomed to be eliminated. So many enterprises carry out business process reengineering, they spend a lot of manpower and material resources and money, hoping that through the introduction of new technology and process to improve the efficiency of enterprises. Change management is the corporate changes that leaders, middle management staff and front-line workers work for effective management, including the success measures of reform such as The technological changed improved some technology or import of foreign talents or structure change likes cut down the number of person employed in the company. In the business, A great management change is employees reform their old ways of working to accept to new jobs, at the same time they can be did as well as before to meet required of the company.

This paper summarizes is the general model of enterprise change management framework, puts forward the enterprise which need to be considered in the process of change of five factors expounding the relationship between the five factors and change strategy by describing the two companies in different industries of commonness, empirical research on this model. At last, through these five factors summarized the general steps of change management, so as to provide some…

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