Gene Therapy : Scientific, Socio Ethical And Religious Issues

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When it comes to determining the ethicality for a human being to alter a fellow human’s DNA in the hopes of eradicating genetic disorders, every individual is going to have a different opinion on the matter. This idea is observed in the two articles; “Gene Therapy: Human Germline Genetic Modifications– Assessing the Scientific, Socio-ethical and Religious Issues” by Qiana Matthews, PhD and David Curiel, MD, PhD and “Gene Therapy: Theoretical and Bioethics Concepts” written by Kevin Smith, PhD. Matthews and Curiel’s article was published in the Southern Medical Journal in 2007, while the article by Kevin Smith was published in 2003 by the Archives of Medical Research. While these two sources have similar aspects, such as the type of evidence used in the texts, they differ greatly in the manner in which they present their argument and their views towards one of germline therapy’s consequences, genetic enhancements. Matthews and Curiel’s article informs the reader on all the possible issues that could arise from human germline genetic modifications (HGGM). The two authors start off the article by discussing the scientific issues associated with HGGM. Matthews and Curiel then briefly give the definition of human germline therapy, which they define as a tool that “proposes to correct the phenotype of genetic disorders by transferring copies of normal genes into the affected individual” (98). Still under scientific issues, Matthews and Curiel emphasize that the main…

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