Gender Wage Gap : Rough Draft Essay

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Gender Wage Gap – Rough Draft
All throughout history women have fought in many different ways, from fighting for our rights and also the right for women to vote. This paper will argue that women may have the equal rights amendment behind them which has made the world different for them. So if this is true then why are women having to still fight for equal pay for equal work. The Fair Labor Standards Act came about in the year 1938. This act brought about the minimum wage and also the forty-hour work week. Since the beginning of the Fair Labor Standards Act, wages have gone up and down. Even though the progression of knowledge and the Equal Pay Act in 1963, women are still behind in what men’s wages are. It does not matter if women have a similar educational background as men do. The gender wage gap is a problem for all women regardless of race, ethnicity, age, and education level. A good definition for the gender wage gap is the difference between what a woman is paid and what a man is paid for doing the same job. (AAUW, 2014).
In America today, many claim that the gender wage gap still occurs among women since they made the choice to become a mother, they have been discriminated against by people who feel that women should follow old-style gender roles and the deviations that women are doing to improve their educational accomplishment. Women should be given the same opportunities and privileges as men to enhance abilities to receive the same pay. All of these issues are…

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