Gender Today Vs Gender Back Then Essay

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Gender today VS Gender back then
As time progresses society has gotten better with accepting the fact that both women and men can fight and work together without portraying any stereotypical roles into the mix. In today’s modern era both women and men have accepted jobs that were originally intended for the opposite sex. There are female workers working as firefighters and private investigators while the males are working as hairdressers and even some becoming stay at home husbands. This is a prime example of how gender roles are changing and evolving to a point where both women and men will start to attain the privilege of being treated as equals instead of one being superior then other.
Complications always arise when it comes to both sexes getting treated with the utmost respect. Not many things have changed from how women were getting treated back then to how they are treated today. Back then women from the start were viewed as the weaker being, the ones that were raised to be protected and wed before reaching the age of twenty. A women’s role was to be the wife, mother, and servant of the house. To this day, women are still being titled as weak and overly emotional human beings by misogynistic people. Many of them who can’t comprehend the fact that women can strive for a PhD while being a mother to her two kids. Males have always been forced to play the role of alpha. Since a young age, boys are taught to act masculine in a sheer audacious way to attract the…

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