Gender Stereotypes Have Imprisoned Men And Women Since The Beginning Of Humanity

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Gender stereotypes have imprisoned men and women since the beginning of humanity, and their effects are catastrophic. Starting from birth, the media influences people to acquire certain values that pertain to their specific gender. Males are taught to be independent, aggressive, and robust; females are taught to be polite, passive, and delicate. Those who challenge these normalities are often subjected to ridicule and ostracization, but an even bigger issue arises when one follows these ideals. As discovered in a government survey of rape and domestic violence in 2011, nearly one in five women surveyed said they had been raped or had experienced an attempted rape some point (The White House Council on Women and Girls, & The Office of the Vice President 1). Gender, as perceived as opposing ideals, causes stress to those who slightly differ from these standards, pressuring them to conform to these violent and submissive traits. Therefore, the media’s reinforcement of these traditional gender expectations, such as how women should look, how men should behave, and what values are acceptable for a person’s social role, induce only negative effects on society.
Society’s standards of feminine beauty are bestowed in nearly all forms of popular media. Starting from birth, everything from the cartoons little girls watch to the toys advertised to them influence them to view beauty as a top priority. As they grow, they encounter increasing forms of entertainment littered with…

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