Gender Stereotypes Are All Around Us Essay

2167 Words May 9th, 2016 null Page
Gender stereotypes are all around us, whether we chose to notice them or not. They are lingering within our media, and media is believed to be a reflection of society. Gender stereotypes are the exaggerated and oversimplified beliefs about masculinity and femininity that misrepresent men and women. The differences that separate men and women are overblown into huge misinterpretations that society deems appropriate in order to separate the genders. We were all taught as children that boys need to grow up to be tough, strong men who don’t cry and are aggressive, while girls need to grow up to become beautiful, home-oriented women who are emotional and nurturing. The opposing differences between femininity and masculinity created these ideas that men needs to be tough, strong and aggressive, while women needed to be motherly, nurturing and girly, and society enforced these ideas in our everyday lives through the media we use. These societal norms are shown to us through movies, T.V. shows, literature and advertisements that we see daily. The movies, T.V. shows, literature and advertisements reflect society to us unconsciously and are used to reinforce gender stereotypes to us without us been keenly aware of it. Movies, television and literature play a huge role on children as they grow up. It helps shape their world view, opinions and values. Society has a way of trying to mold the youth into what they want them to be and I believe gender stereotypes is a type of way they…

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