Essay on Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles

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This topic is interested to me because It focuses on relevant points that are tight related to gender roles differences in society in reference of how society has been structured. This topic reminds me one more time the strong influence on male dominance in societies. So, I can have a better understanding on how Spain society Is structured and also compared it to other societies in the world wide like U.S.There are millions of societies where males are better paid than women, have more job opportunities and gain more respect and honor than females. So, in Spain physical education textbooks always include more men in their images than females categorizing sports and other activities which leads to gender roles inequalities.This is how many societies shape the vision of people categorizing everything according to their genders. In the case of Spain society It has raised the ideological concern of which sport Is more appropriated to whom person depending on the sex of he/she belongs to.

Key Words: Gender stereotyping, male dominance, images, physical education and content analysis.

I will use quality interview to look for patterns of what things are the way the are in Spanish femininity and masculinity related to sports? For instance how college female in sports are perceive, ( unfeeling, masculine, strong, vulnerable)How Spanish college females and males perceive themselves in sports.So, I could explore the strengths, weaknesses, competencies and…

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