Gender Roles In Children's Research


In today’s society, gender roles have a profound effect on gender stereotypes in the media. Research has indicated that these stereotypes can create dangerous consequences that can limit a person’s full potential and well-being (Srichand,2015). Gender roles are expectations regarding proper values, behaviors, attitudes, motives, and activities of males and females (Schaefer, 2010). Children are constantly being barraged by messages that reflect the society’s expectations of gender. Screen media have become the norm in many socities. It could alter childhood development they are continuously exposed to various types of media during school and at home. More specifically, it could influence a child’s understanding of gender roles
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This article has concentrated on gender representations in children’s literature, television, movies, video games, and internet (Steyer,2014). It suggests that masculine and feminine gender roles are still portrayed as traditional, but the female portrayals are still underrepresented in all of the media previously mentioned (Steyer,2014). Research indicates alarming trends regarding the representations of sexism that are still found in the media. The notion that females are becoming more masculine, but males aren’t seen as feminine In 2013, researchers Beth Hentges and Kim Case investigated gender representations (Hentges, B. & Case, K., 2013). Based on their findings, children’s programs broadcasted across networks vary in terms of the way gender roles are portrayed by female and male characters (Hentges, B. & Case, K., 2013). Other research suggests that females are becoming more masculine, but males aren’t seen as feminine. For instance, the youttube video Sexism, Strength and Dominance: Masculinity in Disney Films depicts how males characters are portrayed in Disney films. Most Disney films demonstrate masculinity through dominance and violence, but are not allowed to show compassion or kindness (Newton, S., 2007). In 2011, the content in Disney Princess movies was evaluated by sociologist and physchologists on stereotypical behavior (England, …show more content…
According to Schaefer, stereotypes are defined as unreliable, exaggerated generalizations about all members of a group that do not take individual differences into account (Schaefer, 2010). Stereotypes are sometimes used to describe people or personal beliefs. There are positive and negative aspects of stereotypes because of it can be used to influence changes in behavior and attitudes. Gender roles can cause children to feel limited to what gender role dictates. Gender differences become more prominent as children mature and they adopt what it means to be masculine & feminine (Oliver & Green, 2001). It is important for children to develop a foundation for masculinity and feminity because as they mature, they will try to develop a sense of self and solidify their gender identiy (Gerding & Signorielli, 2014). Without intervening and regulating mass media children feel limited to what gender role

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