Gender, Sexuality, And Race Essay

1390 Words Dec 12th, 2016 6 Pages
While many people may believe that the primary purpose of drag is to allow men to “pass” as women, assimilation has never been the guiding aesthetic principle at work when homosexual men dress up as barbie dolls on twelve-inch platforms wearing breastplates with rhinestone pasties or slutty Frankensteins in fuck-me pumps and Marge Simpson hair-dos. Only in a minority of cases is naturalism the gay man’s first consideration when he chooses the squalid frocks and sensible shoes of dowdy frumps or the beautiful sequined gowns and turkey-feather boas of femmes fatales, outlandish get-ups that bear only a vague resemblance to what women really wear in their daily lives. The Drag Queen movement is not to be taken seriously. The vulgarity that often comes out of their mouths is just a tiny bit of what they want to be known for but they want their message of why they do drag and how they develop and spread progressive ideas about gender, sexuality and race to be more memorable. In the popular imagination, drag is often mistaken with the transgender community but drag is more the art of mocking society 's idea of gender. Observing the television show, RuPaul 's Drag Race, the men in the workroom have a clear opinion about who they are and what they identify as. So when it comes to slabbing on makeup, wearing high heels and putting on fabulous gowns they are not threatened by what is on them because they know that they are just men dressed as "women." I believe the art form…

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