Gender, Sexual, And Sexual Relationships Essay

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Introduction Films that involve romance and weddings typically portray the female and male lead roles as those who fall under the gendered sexual scripts created by society. As Manatu writes in her article, “Love and Romance,” she argues that white women as viewed as “passive-dependents” while males are viewed as those who “take charge” (2003:52). Typically mainstream romance and wedding films illustrate a white, middle-class, heterosexual couple and their love-story that takes place. Since heterosexuality is considered the standard in what is expected in social and sexual relations, wedding films continuously reinforce this standard created by society (Ingraham 2002). Although these films tend to reinforce the concept of hegemonic masculine and feminine heterosexuality, they tend to divert from the script of ideal sexual encounters. While mostly following the standards displayed in the DCS for ideal sex, films show encounters that are considerably outside of the charmed circle, a diagram created by Rubin to show the sexual value system (1984). This idea of sex by the normal standard is compared to the ideas of sex that are abnormal, and in relation to film sexual encounters tend to fall in both areas of the charmed circle system. These concepts discussed in Walden’s lectures, and further argued through readings, can be applied to films concerning romance and weddings to display the promotion of societal standards as well as attempting to create a contemporary standard…

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