Gender, Sexism And Gender Discrimination Essay

816 Words Apr 5th, 2016 4 Pages
There is an apparent notion across America that double standards and sexism are concepts that were left behind years ago. However, as I’ve analyzed different forms of media over the past few years, it has become glaringly obvious that this is not true. Despite what we’d like to convince ourselves, sexism and gender discrimination still dominate society. Whether through music videos, writing, or art, women are always judged more critically for their expression than men are. Often times, men make the same mistakes as women, yet the criticism is significantly more severe towards females. Therefore, in an era where women are facing oppression daily in regards to self-expression, I believe criticism towards confessional writing is gender based. Furthermore, whether or not we should appreciate the artistic value and take a dispassionate approach to a confessional piece by an author with questionable life choices relies on each individual, and the true question lies within gender, where critics are more likely to grant more leeway to male artists and writers.
In a world where the word “feminist” has mostly a negative connotation, it’s not hard to connect the positive reception of men’s confessional writing compared to the critical response to women’s confessional writing to sexist behavior. If the problem with confessional writing is simply the confessional aspect itself, then many male written pieces would not be getting the praise they often receive. Elisabeth Donnelly’s "Why…

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