Gender, Sex, And Class Determine The Social Status Of People Essay

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Paper Assignment #2
(Course Essay #2)
Deonte M. Eckwood
Ashlee Bledsoe
Special Topics I: Gender & Society
2 December 2015

How does the combination of gender, sex, and class determine the social status of people? Masculinity comes in much variety, which allow social interactions to be shaped. The variety of masculinity ranges from hegemonic masculinity, machismo, male privilege, gender equality, etc. This topic is interesting due to the fact that it elaborates and gives clarification on the aspects the indicate and which people are eligible to have certain types of powers of masculinity. The depending variables range from race, gender, sex, economic status, political views, etc.
According to the online article “Psychology of Men & Masculinity” penned by outgoing author Ronald F. Levant and incoming editor William Ming Liu, elaborate and speak upon “the processes and consequences of male gender role socialization, including its impact on men 's health, behavior, interpersonal relationships, emotional development, violence, and well-being” these aspects contribute to masculinity ideology and norms.
From the literature reviewed it would be expected that the only people who would have power or are in control would be those with masculine traits, those of hegemonic power, or Machismo.Viewing the 3 television shows, reading the online articles, and class literature can cause expectances of occurrences of predominantly mail dominance, woman suppression, and hegemonic power amongst…

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