Gender Roles : The Perfect, World, The Advertising And Media World

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In order to be accepted into the “perfect” world, the advertising and media world, one must look the part. One must have the perfect curves, perfect posture, and look like a Barbie doll. In Aaron Devor’s article Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes, it is clearly stated as to what the expectations are in order to achieve the female, and male roles. Gender roles are mainly what this article is about. Here the masculinity and femininity come into play. In order to be masculine one must look tall, have broad shoulders, and take up space; this shows that they are dominant and in control which shows confidence, assertiveness, and strength. On page 676, Devor writes, “People who attempt to control the direction of conversations seem more masculine.” This quote shows that it is not only posture that takes control of gender roles but also speech. The way one speaks to others, with either assertiveness or shyness, indicates if that one is masculine or feminine. Body movement helps someone identify if one is masculine of feminine. The way that one approaches someone has a big affect on the response. On page 676, Devor writes about the femininity side. “They demonstrate subordination through minimizing of spatial use”. This shows what society expects of women. One who has their legs and arms close to their body shows that they are insecure and not a threat. Another main section to Devor’s article, is clothing. On page 674, Devor makes a point about how males and females are identified…

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