Essay on Gender Roles : Our Everyday Lives

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Gender Roles in Our Everyday Lives
The topic I have chosen to do my study on is gender roles in our society. Gender roles are the roles given by an individual’s society and culture to the individuals based on their gender. These limitations are used frequently in advertising to target certain audiences and condition people to experience inanimate objects such as toys, clothing, and hygiene products as gender specific. This causes problems for people who do not fit into specific gender roles or stereotypes. It makes it hard for them to live their lives happily and effects their perceptions of themselves and the perceptions that others have of them.
The book defines gender as “the socially constructed cultural expectations associated with women and men.” (Croteau, 2015, p. 291). In the book there is discussion about how gender varies between time and cultures. The book goes into detail about the varying ways that masculinity is viewed. Then, it identifies the issue that is sexism and the problems that parallel between men and women involving gender roles. Croteau and Hoynes (2015) define gender role as, “a set of social expectations regarding behavior and attitudes based on a person’s sex” (p. 296). People shape their identity around what is socialized as normal and natural for their gender. When individuals do not abide by these norms they are usually criticized for it. These norms are reinforced in many different aspects of social situations such as…

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