Gender Roles Of The 1950 ' S Essay

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The 1950’s are often thought of as a decade of simpler life and prosperity in America. However, this may be considered a misconception of the time period. Pop culture of the 1950’s reflected the reality of the decade where gender roles of men and women were solid in American culture and racism was still prevalent in society. Gender roles in America in the 1950’s were solidified into the culture which was largely represented in the decade’s pop culture. The reality was that women and men had expected roles; For example, the woman stays home to take care of the house and children while the man goes out to work and provide for his family. Women had some opportunities but were still being discriminated against in the 1950’s. I Love Lucy, the highest rated tv series in the US for 4 out of its 6 seasons from 1951-1957, shows the unequal treatment of women. When Lucy and Ethel fight for equal treatment from their husbands, they argue that despite having equal constitutional rights they are still discriminated against every day. The men don 't agree with the women, as Ricky says to Lucy, “I am the first one to agree that women should have all the rights they want, as long as they stay in their place.” Ricky obviously takes a more traditional approach to gender roles where as Lucy is more progressive and demands equal treatment as if she was a man. In addition to television shows during the 1950’s, advertisements also showed the solid gender roles within society. A Del Monte…

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