Gender Roles In The 1950s Essay

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Gender roles are expectations for both men and women on how, men and women are supposed to act in a culture. These expectations are created by the culture, where the person lives. In the United States, men, are typically seen as more masculine. While women, are seen as more feminine. Males are typically more interested in; cars, sports and guns. On the other side of the coin, women, are more interested in; shopping, cooking and cleaning. These are just some general characteristics for both men and women. Comparing these characteristics to the 1950 's to current time. Some of these character traits have stayed the same and some have changed. In the 1950 's, nuclear families are extremely common. What a nuclear family consist of; male,
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You can see how the gender roles were played out. In the 1950 86.4% of males were working while, only 33.9% of women were working in the 1950. This shows a relation on how gender roles were split through the house hold. The males were the ones who provided for the family. While the women would stay at home and do all the cooking and cleaning for the household. Nuclear family 's were also more prevalent in the 1950 's. Which equally separated the gender roles. Additionally, divorce rates in the 1950 's only stayed around twenty percent. The characteristics show in males during 1950 's are; strength, honor, ambition, risk-taking, fearlessness, dominant, aggressive, self reliant. household, were to work a full time job and provide for their family. A good example of these male characteristics is shown in the sitcom “Father Knows Best”. The Father, Jim Anderson, he was the provider for the family. Jim Anderson displayed the following characteristics; strength, honor, self reliant and ambitious. Jim Anderson watches over his family Also the male was supposed to be the protector of the family. Jim in constantly solving the issues in the family. For example, Jim 's son bud, was going to a school dance with a girl from school. But bud didn 't want his parents to find out. Well Jim found a book about ballroom dancing, in Buds room. So Jim decided to confront Bud about the entire situation and give bud the proper guidance that he needed to go to the dance. Jim Anderson is a great example, how male gender roles worked in the 1950

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