Gender Roles In Same-Sex Marriage

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Homosexuality is more accepted and integrated into today’s society than ever before. Same-sex marriages provoke debate in countries around the world and in the United States. Same-sex couples are faced with some legal issues when they decide to create a full family with children, however they are allowed to adopt children by the law. If it’s so, in this case we are starting to talk about families in which children, who are surrounded with two same-sex parents, and the consequences and problems that may arise while those children are growing up. One of the biggest controversial debates is children’s development of gender identity in such families. It is important to try to understand, as objectively as possible, what it means for a child to …show more content…
All of the things mentioned could have an impact on the mental health of the child at any age. By Freudian ideology children need both a mother and father to develop solid gender identities, so according to him we can assume that it’s not really possible to have a kid in a homosexual family and be sure about his/her future straight and confident gender orientation. But is it really true? What else we can say is that gender roles are also learned in multiple arenas, including schools and peers, magazines, internet, movies and TV shows, through the media new generation absorb information 24/7. According to Lev, the majority of her studies have been conducted with lesbian mothers, and then generalized to other sexual minorities, specifically gay male parents. It could be explained by higher exception percent of lesbian couples in today’s world, comparing to gays couples. This research, which has examined psychological adjustment, self-esteem, and academic performance, has shown that the children of lesbian parents do not show any signs of psychological problems comparing to kids from same-sex parents. The results showed that many children that were raised in lesbian or gay homes are well-adjusted, show more strength and compete better compared with kids, of the same age, from heterosexual families. Also, kids that have same-sex parents have less behavioral problems (Lev, 2010). The research has proved that children of lesbian parents express traditional gender behaviors and they are almost always heterosexual. Lesbians (and by extension, gay men) were normal parents and their kids were also normal. Same-sex parenting has been justified based on scientific affirmations of

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