Gender Roles And Personal Identity Essay

1247 Words Dec 4th, 2014 5 Pages
Normalizing is the social process by which values and ideologies become the ‘norm’. It relates to the concept of social construction because it is only by the complex social interaction of people in the society does a theory come to be normalized. Gender roles are an example of normalizing. By examining the concept of gender roles, it is concluded that it is a proposed hypothesis involving a group of communal and behavioural patterns that, within a precise culture, are widely considered to be collectively appropriate for individuals of a certain gender. The outlook of gender roles incorporates attitudes, actions, and character mannerisms associated with a specific gender within that culture. The aim of this essay is to examine and analyze how Timothy Findley, Bryan Wilson and Mary Louise Adams discourse the issue of gender roles and personal identity through their works The Wars, Selective Memory in a Global Culture and The Game of Whose Lives? respectively. By examining The Wars, Insanity is a theme in Timothy Findley 's fabrication. While he does not argue its existence, the author makes the reader think about its meaning and role, as well as the ethics of the societies that pursue to demarcate it. As shown with Robert Ross and his rescue of the horses, Findley is trying to send us the message that Robert is representing a form of a social objection that might be incorporated as insane by some readers while others may consider it as an act of sanity in the face of…

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