Gender Roles And Gender Discrimination Essay

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Throughout history, we have seen that gender classifications, on gender roles have resulted in gender stereotypes. Despite that children were not initially classified by their gender, but by their age. Such as in the late nineteenth-century gender classification only existed for men, and women. Whereas in the early twentieth century, occurring social progression caused a demand for gender associations towards the identity of children. Gender stereotypes towards children created a gender coalition with colors such as pink, and blue. The social personification for pink and blue established a pseudo-perception in children’s understanding of genders. In fact, the media also advertised gender scheme toys to children, in order to enforce expected gender stereotypes. Although, these gender classifications in children’s entertainment (toys and media) still exist today, resulting in a defective understanding of children’s perception towards their gender association. On the other hand, opposing views, claim that children’s perception of gender associations in colors, and toys were not initiated by gender stereotypes (from parents, the media, or peers), but by hormonal levels, of androgen, in the child’s natal development. Even though, hormone levels are important to a child’s growth development; the child’s social observations from the media and their parents, initiated gender stereotypes in colors and toys which has altered children’s perception of gender classification.…

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